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A Pain in the Neck

I woke up one morning with a terrible cramp in my neck that hung on for days.   I tried to solve the problem by ignoring it, so for a while, whenever I wanted to look to my right, I had … Continue reading

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To Keep or Not to Keep

We have an issue with throwing things away in our family.  Mostly, that we don’t want to. Andy believes everything is useful.  From empty butter tubs to pencils that are too short, he has uses for everything.  He’s not a … Continue reading

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Common Core Kindergarten

Last year, my son Colin started kindergarten.  For the first couple of weeks, I was dying to hear what he’d learned.  Was he writing novels?   Translating a bit of French?  Maybe splitting a couple of atoms—while wearing safety goggles—the teacher … Continue reading

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Adventures in Landscaping

Our house is a fixer upper (that I used to think would one day be fixed up.  Silly, naïve me).  When we first bought it ten years ago, my father tried to inspire me by speaking nostalgically about the backbreaking … Continue reading

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Obsessions of a Three-Year-Old

My three-year-old daughter is obsessed with Paw Patrol.  It’s a Canadian show about a boy named Ryder who directs about ten pups.  Whenever there is a problem in town, the citizens call Ryder and his dogs to save them.  They … Continue reading

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Early Onset Senioritis

My kindergarten son offers a lot of resistance to school in the morning. He doesn’t exactly hate school; he just feels it gets in the way of other creative projects he’d like to work on at home. He has Legos … Continue reading

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Team Edward or Team Andy?

My husband is jealous of Edward Cullen—the vampire in the Twilight series that falls desperately in love with Bella, who is noteworthy for her extreme mediocrity. His jealousy is justified.  Edward is, like, so hot. During sex, Edward is so … Continue reading

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